most important life lesson

Monday, December 6, 2010

I thought it would be interesting to see what people thought the most important lesson to learn in life is. So I've asked around a bit, and I will continue to do so. But so far I've got:

Natalie Petersen: to trust God
Sean Miller: to enjoy life
Caleb Alger: to find out who you really are
Debora Figueroa: to love people unconditionally and forgive
Brooke Hartley: to put others before yourself
Jenn Olsen: forgive and forget
Levi Wright: to know that everyone is a child of God
Tim Fagergren: learning how to take any situation in life, adapt to it, and learn something from that situation that will make you a better person.
Sarah Perry: to be happy with what you have and not want or expect more
Cody Titcomb: To love. (vital to learning all of lifes other lessons-keystone)
Kelsey Fletcher: To love God and yourself
Alex Pae: to go with the flow
Eric Danielson: to work hard
Katy Bonfanti: to follow God
Erin Goodman: There's always something bigger out there and you have to strive for it and that little things can't knock you down
Spencer Munson: to be happy
Kiana Fletcher: To have confidence in yourself and others
Alex Miskell: To learn how to truly love someone
Deven Stincelli: humility
Josh Parkin: self discipline
Thomas Grover: to trust Heavenly Father
Sydney Reece: forgive and forget
Courtney Jenkins: learning that happiness isn't something you can achieve, but rather an emotion you feel along the way
Alyssa Huntzinger: how to love others with true charity without holding back
Cheyenne Parker: To accomplish what you feel needs to be done in your life.
Gioia Reni: charity
Juan Gomez: trust in the lord above everything
Sylvia Cutler: Jacob Black is a fictional character, and pursuing him would only result in ruin
Ashlee Smith: compassion- to place others needs above your own


  1. I didn't know my answer would be recorded or I would have said it a little differently, but this is really interesting Kaya!

  2. How crazy and personal in an awesome way. You are amazing for remembering all of these!! :)