Europe for Christmas

Monday, December 27, 2010

This post will very possibly be similar to Brookes post..
because it is very possible that I am also in Paris France, in a quaint little french hotel at the moment, just like Brooke. We flew into Paris this morning, and we flew over the Alps, my goodness. It was gorgeous! closest thing to a winter wonderland I've ever seen.

First I arrived in Amsterdam, Holland. We went to the Anne Frank house, the Rijks Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, and a 19th century realism exhibit, and walked around and explored the city a bit. This was right after our 17 hour? flight, so we (my mom and I) were a little out of it.

Second, I went to Linkoping, Sweden and met up with the family. We explored the city and did a little shopping.. and it was FREEZING.

Then Brooke and I went to visit Alessandra in Bergamo, Italy! she showed us around Milan and her city and we celebrated Christmas with her family, we ate. and ate. and ate. and ate some more.
It was soo good seeing her and I loveeed Italia, and now I can hold a 30 second conversation in Italiano! success.

And now.. Paris, France! as I said before.. we just landed this morning. But so far, so good. TONS of amazing architecture! I can't wait to do some more exploring.

theme songs for the trip so far:

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