Holi Color Fest (in Spanish Fork)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

 The Holi Color Fest is held at the Krishna temple in Spanish fork,Utah. The attendees of the festival are probably.. 99% Mormon college students, which is pretty funny. But that might also explain why it seems to be a lot more about pushing people over and throwing chalk in their eyes more than anything else. I went last year, and this year seemed a lot more.. violent. Ironic? I'd say so.

      video below: dancing mosh pit? also an excuse to beat strangers up. Sar Bear and I were scared for our lives

                           This was followed by sar bear and myself consuming an entire pizza
     which was then followed by a trip to earthfruitsyogurt (sugar FREE means healthy right?)

notice my hair is STILL pink after washing it 5 times?

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