The journey of life

Monday, March 21, 2011

Yesterday, at my YMAD meeting, we had a priest from the Krishna temple come and talk to us. He told us about how he had left home when he was 16 with a duffel bag and a guitar to go and be a musician. He told us all about how he was always curious about God and so he went on this journey, he found the Krishna temple and  decided this was a lifestyle he wanted.

He hadn't been full heartedly involved in the religion, however, until everything in his life went wrong. The girl he was engaged to was killed, His tent burnt down, He got extremely sick.. and there was more, it's rather tragic. Anyways, when he was at this point in his life where everything he had was lost, he decided to go to India to find his Guru. He went and found him in the middle of a war going on between the Muslims and the Hindus at the time, and was his gurus body guard for.. 3 or 4 years I believe?

so this guy has a crazy story. And he has such a unique perspective on life. He wrapped up his story by telling us about how now, he is so happy and so at peace with his life because his life is dedicated to God, and then he taught us some crazy yoga. That guy is insane, really. He was lifting up his entire body with his thumbs.

the moral of this story is:  There is more to life then what we see, and what surrounds us. Don't be afraid to go on your "journey" whatever it may be. Do Yoga, even though some of it seems humanly impossible. And most importantly, I believe, learn. There is really no end to all of the things in the world that we have yet to discover.

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  1. Dear Kaya,
    this is exactly what i needed to hear today.
    thank you.
    you are amazing! and i can't wait to see you do yoga with your thumbs! :D