the hardest part

Friday, April 29, 2011

I loved India, but some of it was so tough. As a general rule, we were told not to give money to the beggars, because once we did, all of them would come flocking after us. Did I mention that the beggars are children? The average age range I saw was probably 3-7. Because after about 7, they would start working. I have never felt so heartless in my entire life. The day we arrived and stepped off of the bus I was overwhelmed with sadness because of all of the half naked, dirty, big-eyed children that came running towards our bus with their hands spread out in front of them waiting to be filled. They would point at me and then their mouths, indicating they were hungry. They would speak at me in Hindi, and I can honestly say that I've never been more torn in my life. This girl was performing for us right outside of our bus, and when the bus started driving again she started running after us with this huge smile on her face, she was the cutest thing ever.

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