Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I think It's taken me awhile to blog because there has been so much on my mind I just haven't known where to begin. So I'll start here. August 15th is coming up, and August 3rd is coming even faster. My entire world is honestly about to flip upside down, and I guess it's just such a new thing for me that I'm not quite sure how to process it. The fact that I'll be living in Africa by itself  is already (obviously) a huge change, and completely foreign to me. But I suppose the part that is becoming more and more real to me every single day is how completely changed my life will be when I return home. I'm excited, of course.I know that while life at home will have changed, I'll return home changed as well, So right now is a time when  I am trying to embrace it all.

Being so close to all of this change has also really helped me realize how much I love all of the little things in my life. I've become so accustomed to everything around me, and now that I'm looking at every day like it's my last I'm just soaking everything in. It's really hard for me to put everything into words. I'm going to miss all of the experiences that have become so regular for me.

 I'm going to miss lazy days, going out to eat, and long talks with Brookie, I'll miss late night driving adventures and bonding time sleepovers with sar bear, I'm going to miss doing absolutely nothing with Levi and still having it be the most magical time of my life. I'm going to miss my deep conversations with Kelsey and my girl time with Katy, I'll miss all of the downtown concerts with Eric and Statler,our Ymad India group get togethers, I'll miss all of my sweet neighbors and ward members, I'll miss my family; my dear Mom, Brooke and I, just the three of us. I'll miss the scenery, and the convenience, and the comfort. But mostly, I'm going to miss all of these amazing people that have graced themselves into my life.

And although most of these good things are coming to an end, I am so happy that I have been able to experience everything that I have and gotten to know so many wonderful people. There are only more fantastic people and opportunities in the future. But for all of you that have contributed so many wonderful things to my life, thank you. really, I cannot thank you enough. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


  1. That post made me cry. I am going to miss you dearly. I am just trying not to think about you leaving, although I am so proud of you! We will make many more memories before you leave. Who am I suppose to have long talks with about..everything? I love you Kaya, you have changed this world for the better in the 18 years you have been here and I can't even imagine the impact you will make throughout the course of your life.

  2. Same with Brooke. Right when I finished reading this post, I broke down crying. You are an angel. Thank-you for being the amazing YOU! I'll miss you more than words can express. So much more. GO CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!

  3. Same. Kaya, You're an incredible girl. And I'm so amazed by all the things you do. I'm glad people like you exist. And I'm excited to see all the good things you will do. Be safe.

  4. Kaya!!! i'm going to miss you so so so much!! times are most def changing!! i love you so so much!! and i can't wait to hear about your amazing experience!!! <3 you!!