Senegal internship update

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

As a general update, I'll inform you that I've been transferred into a new village- Gueoul, because my director decided that my housing situation was too dangerous. At first I was torn about leaving, but now I'm happy about it because I'll still visit the kids on weekends and I've got alot of really cool projects to work on here. I'm partnered with a peacecorp volunteer- Lyzz, and the organization 'Friends of Gueoul' (based in Colorado)

I teach art classes to girls who are struggling in school through 'friends of gueoul'- They provide the girls with tutors and scholarships so they can go to college

I help Lyzz teach basic computer skills classes in the new cyber cafe, also a project by friends of gueoul.

I teach english at the high school

I organize the books in the new donated library

I teach health classes at the hospital to mothers with malnourished children

And, lastly, I'm excited to start helping Lyzz on her waste management project- which is a HUGE deal

with all of these exciting new projects going on, I'm actually getting pretty sad about returning to the U.S. in one month. Time flies

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